About Us

P RC Accessories is a custom manufacturer of scale accessories and parts for RC (Radio Control) Vehicles.  We are based in Kaysville Utah and have been in the RC world for over 10 years learning and exploring the endless possibilities. 

I am Parker Sagers and I created and run P RC Accessories by myself in my apartment. I am devoted to providing fun RC parts and accessories at reasonable prices for other enthusiasts. This all started when I took a class in my Mechanical Engineering degree and learned how to design and 3D model parts in solidworks. After that I started to learn to 3D print the parts I made and apply them to the RC hobby.

I have done some custom jobs and I am open to more! I am currently working on a large model of the Jazz Bear Van for the Utah Jazz NBA team. Working closely with their mascot I am creating a scale RC model of their van fitted with lights, silly string shooter, and confetti cannons. 

If you would like to get a quote or estimate for a job you would like, reach out and email me at the address listed in the contact section.